Monday, October 28, 2013

Beauty Post: Lust Worthy Stuff

I am somewhat of a collector..  I adore finding cute little items that make the regular moments in life that much better... and over the last week I collected
a couple cute items that make life a bit sweeter.

1. Sienna Naturals.. Baobab Oil Moisturizing Cream. $24 I adore this non greasy formula especially during the colder months.   Unlike most body butters you can apply this cream and get dressed within minutes without ruining your clothes.  And although it's geared towards expectant mothers, I adore it for its use of the oil from the seeds of the African Baobab Tree which are super high in antioxidants, alleviate dry skin and improve skin elasticity.

2.Voluspa Creme de Peche Room Spray & Body Mist. $18  I have been a long time user of the amazing Voluspa candles and an so stoked to finally try their Room and Body spray.  My apartment has never smelled better.  This spray has an added bonus of pulling double duty. Room spray and body spray in one.

3. Urban Outfitters Hipter Undies 4 for $19.  Super cute.. Super Comfy and 4 for 19 bucks.  Does it get better.  I have been shopping for intimates at urban outfitters for years and they never disappoint.  They have great bra's too.

4.  Tocca Beauty Crema da Mano - Hand Cream in CleopatraBeing that Cleopatra is one of my favorite Tocca fragrances.. I was super excited to find the hand cream.  You can throw it in your purse and keep it moving.


Lust worthy products..

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