Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 The Look
Top: Aila Blue
Pants: Beckley
Necklace: Lulu Frost
Earrings, Rings, Cuff: CC Skye
Pumps: Schutz
There is something about gold that compares to no other.  I adore gold jewelry, gold makeup, gold fabric, gold skin.  I even love those fancy
desserts that come with those fancy gold shavings. 

It all just glows.  

So when this delightful combo came into my life I had to share.  I could wear every one of these pieces all day everyday, together or individually for years to come and never get sick of them.  All classic, all bold and all unique in their own way.  

In addition to the links above to the pieces I am wearing in this post..I have scoured the Internet for 11 other gold pieces for you to lust after and shop.. Enjoy..


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