Monday, November 18, 2013

Beauty Post.. Hair Oil..the sticky of it..

Beauty trends come and go.   Over time women and men have slathered, concocted, made potions, bought potions and traveled to the ends of the earth in search of better skin, nails and hair.

So it is no wonder that I sit here to write this post about a trend that isn't so much a new thing .. but  a newly remembered thing..

Hair oil.. 

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years it's that.. HAIR NEEDS OIL!

Now there is that small percentage of people who can
wash their hair with a bar of soap,  never use an ounce of product and manage to have the most beautiful thick shiny head of hair.

and then there is the rest of us.

I remember when I was a kid hearing my mother tell me that she read an article with  uber famous iconic model Jerry Hall who is known for her long beautiful blond locks.  In this article she confessed to the magazine that she only washes her hair once a month with scalp cleanses in between.  I know. Like whoa..  I get to day 4 and I am ready to pull my hear out.  Pun intended.

But what Jerry Hall and a good percentage of women knew and still know is that washing your hair strips it of the natural oils it needs to look shiny and healthy.  

Now I am not going to lie. I will never join the one month wash club.  So this is where the aforementioned beauty trend comes into play.  Hair oil is essential.. essential to gain and maintain a luscious head of hair .  

But today it's just super hard to know what to choose.  

While raw Coconut oil is great for pre-wash treatments and  Jojoba oil is great for naturally curly hair, Argan oil is perfect for a blowout and Ojon oil is great for all the above.  

So whats a girl to do?

I put together a list of hair oils for you to sift through.   Depending on your hair what is right for you.

Hair Oil,

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