Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blogger Baby... Holiday w/Wendy Bellisimo for JCPenney

The Look

About a month ago in the midst of a super packed day I got dressed, swiped on some bright lipstick grabbed my red carry all and headed out to Malibu for a preview of Wendy Bellissimo's new collection for JCPenney.  Now for me this was quite odd.   I am a blogger and I do go to lots of previews and events.. but this one was centred around babies?   Baby fashion to be exact...and I have to tell you....I fell in love!  Plush, luxe gorgeous
dresses, tops, coats, shoes, pillows, diaper bags and even beautiful cribs where the theme and I just cold not get enough.. 

So when JCPenney and Wendy Belissimo asked me to partner up with them for a story.. I thought BLOGGER BABY.  It's only obvious right?  Now since I am sans baby of my own.. my dear friend Numa let me borrow her little Rockwelle for the day.. And boy does little Rockwelle shine..  when a 2 year old is mesmerized by the clothes she is wearing you know you can't go wrong.

So without further ado..I give you little 2 year old Jr blogger in the making...
  Rockwelle her newest obsession... Wendy Bellissimo for JCPenney. 
Shop everything you see on baby Rockwelle HERE..  and the best part is that it all on sale..  Like seriously.. this dress right here is on sale for $23.99.  Oh yeah..and she makes baby boy clothes too..  Perfect for the holidays...

Hey Wendy... will you make me one??

Wendy Bellissimo for JCPenney
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