Monday, December 30, 2013

Making Healthy Cocktails with Health Ade Kombucha...

Heading into the new year we all have those pesky resolutions...  To loose weight.  To exercise.  To not be judgmental.  To shop less.  To be healthy.. et cetera et cetera.  No matter if we stick to our resolutions or not we at least all want to start off on the right foot.   But how do you do that when most of us will wake up New Years day with drinks and mostly innocent debauchery (wink wink) under our belt?

I say baby steps.   Start with a healthy cocktail.  Okay I know the words healthy and cocktail do not exactly go together..

But alas.. I have teamed up with the folks over at Health Ade Kombucha to test out some healthy cocktails that are sure to make your New Years Eve a hit..  and not hit you so hard on New Years Day.

First lets chat Kombucha..

What is it...and why?

First the what.  Health Ade Kombucha is a naturally derived probiotic drink made from fermented tea.  Probiotics are the good bacteria that help you digest food, prevent illness and provide the energy that most if us are lacking due to everyday life in today's environment.

 Now the why..

Why mix it in our cocktails.. well I say if you are going to drink you might as well add a little healthy to that mix. 

Okay now that we are all up to speed on that portion of the post.. lets get to the drinks..

I decided to get a few friends together including Nikia Phoenix who made some really irresistible snowball cookies.  We baked, we ate and we put the Kombucha cocktail theory to the test.

Here's what happened..

The folks at Health Ade sent over two yummy recipes.  I of course decided to amend..

Two drinks..

Taye's Healthy Mule.. and Taye's Pom Kom Martini.

Lets start with the Healthy Mule.  This take on the Moscow Mule (one of my faves) is super refreshing.


2 oz Vodka
3 oz Ginger Lemon Health Ade Kombucha
Traders Joe Triple Ginger brew
1 Cucumber
1/2 Lemon

How to make it...

Slice half cumber
Slice almost whole lemon. 
 Leave a few slices if each for garnish

In a glass muddle cucumber slices and lemon slices
 Add vodka
Then add Kombucha
 In a shaker with ice add the muddled combo.   Lightly shake.  
 Strain over ice  
Top off with the Triple Ginger Brew
Add garnish.. 
And serve..
This makes one drink.
Taye's Pom Kom Martini
(a take on the Cosmo)
1 oz Vodka
3 oz Pomegranate Kombucha
Squeeze of lemon
2 oz of Sparkling Pomegranate juice

In a Shaker with ice combine Vodka, Kombucha and Lemon
Shake lightly

Strain into a martini glass
Top off with sparkling pomegranate juice.
Garnish with Lemon
and Serve.

Four of us.. some who wish to remain anonymous all tested and approved my delicious Kombucha cocktails.
Here are the ingredients for the original drinks I amended..  just in case you want to try those out too.. 

All and all we had Komuctha Cocktail Success.

Nothing like an afternoon of snowball cookies and good old Kombucha Cocktails

For Nikia's snowball recipe.. head to her blog in the next couple days..  And for more about Health Ade Kombutcha head over to their awesome site.

You won't be sorry!

Healthy Cocktails...

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