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BEAUTY POST.. My day at the Benjamin w/ Negin Zand Salon

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 I have been dying to write this post and the day is finally here.  Whoo hoo!!!   I get so many questions about my hair.   Questions about my color, my texture, my cuts and most of all how on earth can I constantly keep changing it.  Ive said it before and I will say it again.   When it comes to my hair I have an itchy trigger finger.   Here's my philosophy.. Our hair is the only thing on our body that we can die, fry, cut, burn and mutilate (for lack of a better word) and in just a little bit of time it grows right back.  So why not have fun with it!

And fun is exactly what was had the minute I walked through the doors of  Benjamin w/ Negin Zand Salon in West Hollywood.  Not only is
the place utterly super cool.. they do some darn good hair.  I was there on a Tuesday morning at 10 am and the place was already in full swing.  Every stylist and colorist had a client in the seat and they were all cutting and coloring away.   And let me tell you Benjamin w/ Negin Zand is not one of those L.A. salons that make you feel like you are not cool enough.  In fact everyone including Benjamin himself who is there on a daily basis is so welcoming and sweet.  They want to you to feel like you are at home!

The salon is divided into two groups of hair experts.  Colorists and Stylists.  So if you are going in for both you will have a dream team.   Allow me to introduce you to my dream team.   Natalie mistress of the scissors and the flat iron & Chad master of balayage & color (pictured above).   These two took what I had and perfected it!

So here is how the day went..
After a quick before selfie and both a yummy Latte and a beautiful pot of tea ( I wanted to try it all) I had short consultations with Chad and Natalie.   I verbally and visually (i.e. photographs) gave them ideas of what I wanted and we decided that I should to take my already short hair much shorter in the back and give the color more depth and contrast.  From that point we were off to the races..
First I got shampooed and then Natalie cut roughly 2/12 inches off my hair wet (which I have to say has never happened before).  After her initial cut she sent me over to Chad to get some color.  
Chad and his assistant did my color in stages.   Although  I did not get a base color Chad lightened my hair in two parts to get the dimension that I wanted.  I knew I wanted my color to be darker underneath and lighter in the sections on top.  Chad and I  chatted as I watched him paint piece by piece,  strand by strand, each one with a purpose.  He is so great at what he does!

After the color was finished I was back to Natalie and her assistant to get a blowout and the final touches to my new cut.   This is where the precision came in.  She blew my super textured hair straight and  flat ironed it.  Then she cut at least another inch off to perfect my new bob.  When I got to the salon I was in the process of growing out my bangs.. But decided to cut them again.  Not and think and blunt as usual but soft and graduated.

BTW You will notice my serious face in most of these pics.. it's just a habit I have when at a salon..I loved every minute of my cut and color.
I have to say that I adore everything about my experience at Benjamin w/ Negin Zand.  Their team of stylists and colorist are all amazing.  While I was there I watched not only Chad and Natalie make me look amazing but I watched the other stylists perfect all the clients in their chairs!

I took these pics the next day after leaving the Salon.
Salon Benjamin, Blonde Hair, Black Beauty Blog, Black hair, Black Blogger, Bob hair cut, Short hair cut, balayalge
Salon Benjamin, Blonde Hair, Black Beauty Blog, Black hair, Black Blogger, Bob hair cut, Short hair cut, balayalge, Taye Hansberry
Huge thank you to Chad, Natalie and all the awesome folks at Benjamin w/ Negin Zand for making me feel like a princess..

Head over to the Benjamin w/ Negin Zand website to check out the whole team and to book an appointment today..
West Hollywood Salon, Salon Benjamin, Blonde Hair, Black Beauty Blog, Black hair, Black Blogger, Bob hair cut, Short hair cut, balayalge
 New Color.  New Cut.  New Team.

Benjamin w/ Negin Zand...

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  1. Taye, apart from being the sensational beauty blogger & all-around GREAT TAST GURU, you are an absolute gem of a girl and I am privileged to have had you in my chair.
    T H A N K * Y O U !

  2. Love the cut/color, but more than that... your pre-hair cut glow!! Amazing. What products did you use on yoru face?

    1. Aww thanks so much.. I use MAC BB cream or MAC match master foundation . and lots of gold shimmer.. I find the sweep of gold shimmer down the nose and cheek bones always does the trick

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