Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Make Up.... The Orange Lip

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  (Hover and click over parts of my face in the photo above to shop the make up in this look)

Spring 2014 runways were full of fresh spring faces.   Beautiful make up and a lip color that was both pretty and prevalent.   Variations of orange sailed down the catwalk and I for one was super excited about it.  Orange has long been a color that I adore for the face.. both on cheeks and lips.   Barley there eye liner,  different shades of a bronze eye (depending on your skin tone) a few strokes of black mascara (not too heavy) and a swipe of orange lip color is an easy way to update your face for spring.
So here's what you do..

Always start with your skin..  
As the weather warms up heavy foundations for day are something that most of us should push to the side.   A good BB or CC Cream mixed with a small amount if illuminator will give you a fresh glow, allowing your skin to show through.

Once your skin is evened out.. follow these simple steps..

1. Lightly apply a bronze eyeshadow in either a cream or powder formula.  You just want a washed look not an opaque look.  

2. Right at your lash line apply black eyeliner.  Make sure to keep the line at your lash line.  The point is to not look like you have black eyeliner on but to rather look like you were born with it.

3.  Move on to your cheeks.  use a cream bronze blush to give a dewy not so made up make up look.  Ladies this is great for those of use who cannot leave the house without a bit of facial contouring.  I for one have the cheeks of a adolescent school girl who ate one to many fries aka baby fat still lingers.  No definition until I smile and as much as I want to,  I cannot be expected to smile every minute of my life.   The bronze cheek is basically a contour make simple.  You can also follow up with a tiny bit of powder bronzer lightly dusted around the hairline, jawline and sides of your nose.  Remember to blend these out.. nothing worse than a streaky face.

4. Apply a couple strokes of mascara.  Remember this is a daytime look.  You don't want the mascara to be the focus.

5.  Last apply your Orange or variation of Orange lipstick.  I like to apply a layer...then blot..apply another layer then blot.  Kissing the back if your hand is also effective just in case there is no blotting tissue available.

I've gathered some of my favorites below to shop or hover over the photo above to shop directly whats on my face..

Spring Face..

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