Thursday, May 1, 2014

From Coachella to Every Day.. Part 1

So it's been a couple weeks since we all returned from the surreal world of Coachella with its flower crowns, painted faces, fringe booties and chalked hair.  ...And every year we all face the dilemma of  what the hec to do with that oh so very specific Coachella wardrobe.   I for one hate to see a good dress go to waist..  So I partnered up with Lulu's to show you how to:

"How to take your Coachella looks from Festival to your everyday life"
 Dress: Lulu's
Shoes: Lulu's
Jacket: Oak (Similar on Lulu's)

 Just because Coachella
is over does not mean that your Coachella wardrobe has to retire for another year.  Switch out a couple Items and that cut out dress you oh so gently loved at the festival can become your go to for all kinds of everyday shenanigans.. I'm talking from afternoon coffee to date night.  Here at Stuff She Likes.. we are all abou .. Wait I am pretty much the "we" in Stuff She Likes.. So... I am all about..  Nope.. somehow "we" just sounds so much more fun..  Okay once more with feeling..

Here at Stuff She Likes "we" are all about stretching those awesome pieces in our wardrobe as far as we can take them..

"From Coachella to Everyday"
 From Coachella to Everyday
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Brought to you by Lulu's
Photo's: Sylvia G

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