Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Buy, Sell, Trade. Pose Marketplace ♥

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A while back I partnered up with the super cute fashion website and app Pose to test out their new Pose Marketplace.  I mean who doesn't need to purge their closet?    I definitely purged mine.    My Pose marketplace page is up and you can now shop my closet..  
Everything from my favorite shoes to my favorite jumper is up for grabs.. I combed my closets and hand picked items that I still love but was willing to part with.   BTW  you notice I said "closets" because every open space with a door in my place has now become a closet.    No wonder I am single..  feel free to chuckle right about now...

Moving on...

Above is s snap of my home page and a peek at some of the goodies that you can snag straight from my closet.. and more are being listed...

Here's the best part... you too can set up your own account..   Got a gently used dress or that pair of heels you just had to have in the store despite the fact that they a size too small when you bought them?   Well....

List them.  Sell them.  Even trade them on POSE

Head over and check out my Pose Marketplace..  There are some serious treasures..

POSE Marketplace..

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