Friday, July 18, 2014

Cheap & Cheerful.. (Video)

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 The Look
Pants:  Bought on a New York Street Corner (SIMILAR)
Blazer: Loft
Top: Zara
Shoes: Just Fab c/o
Bracelet: C. Wonder c/o
Cluthch: Claire Vivier

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My last trip to NYC involved a beautiful loft, some amazing food, incredible photoshoots and me buying these very pants on a street corner.   It's one of those times where I am kicking myself for not buying more than one pair.   ..Note to self.  If your guts says buy two... then you should buy two!

Supremely when the look is what I like to call Cheap and cheerful..
A  phrase coined by a great friend of mine mostly pertaining to food runs back in the days when we had absolutely no business eating out but cooking was not a option.   I have since expanded the phrase to include clothing, entertainment and even conversations with people.  There are those times when you just want to have a cheap and cheerful slash nothing on it, almost superficial conversation with someone.. Cheap and Cheerful.. 

Anyhow.. back on subject.

This whole outfit iS Cheap & Cheerful.. even down to the Clare Vivier bag that I got at a sample sale.. 

Happy Friday Ya'll

Keep it Cheap & Cheerful this weekend...

Cheap & Cheerful..

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