Friday, August 29, 2014

Urban Chic.. A Flash back Friday..

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This week has been full of wonderful madness.. Next Wednesday I am off to New York Fashion Week for another season of adventure and awe inspiring people watching.  Not to mention I get to see my east coast friends.  So needless to say shooting this week fell a little short.. It happens..

But since it's Friday I thought I would pull out a shoot from the archives.  A Flash back Friday AKA #FBF of sorts.
I happen have a few of those that for no good  reason at all never saw the light of day.  This DSTLD shoot was one of them.  I actually love this look so I am super happy to share it.  It's what I like to call "Urban Chic".  You can't really go wrong with high waist denim, a crop top and pumps.  Mid shoot we decided to take this look from the studio to the streets.  So much fun..

Alrighty.. What are everyone plans for this holiday weekend?  I suspect. some pools and good eats are on the agenda!

Whatever you do have fun!

See ya next week!

Urban Chic..
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