Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Little Shoulder and Some Vintage Levis..

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Necklace: Satya 
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 It's been unrecognizably hot in Los Angeles the last week.  I'm talking average temps over 100 degrees.. So the only logical thing for a gal to do is throw her hair in a wet low ponytail (in this heat it dries fast) and wear clothes that are as loose fitting as possible. 

 Hence the severely over-sized Levis and the uber flowy off the shoulder top dawned here.   Literally it's all a girl can do to stay cool while out in the elements.  Trust me, I wore a silk dress this weekend and not only did I know I was sweaty but so did everyone who could see the dress.  This light denim saves the day.

By the way I have been dying to wear this top and a few others like it in my closet all summer.   They remind me of the dresses I had as a kid with the elastic shoulders.  I would always pull them down over my shoulders in a effort to look grown.  Come on ladies I can't be alone in this glorious childhood memory..


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  1. If I was an ant, I would loved to be crushed by your pumps !!


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