Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New York Fashion Week. A look back.. A peek ahead.

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New York Fashion Week 2013
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 September is once again upon us.  September is a month I adore not only because it marks the budding of a new season but marks a week of blissful fashion in the form of New York Fashion Week.  A week when, editors, bloggers, photographers, fashion lovers and fashion phenoms alike come together to see, be seem and relish in what our favorite veteran and up and coming designers have in store for shoppers in the season to come...
I'm excited about the next week ahead..  My schedule is filled with shows, presentations, dinners, parties and most importantly fun times with my east coast friends and family.

Above are a few of my favorite looks from last September at Lincoln Center.  With so much daily inspiration I love packing amazing looks yet not knowing where the energy of New York will take me day to day.  With the heat and the beautifully long days I like to look cute yet sophisticated, Fashionable yet me.  While comfort is ideal it is not always a goal and while the goal is fashion comfort is always in the back of your mind..everything all at once.  See where the fun comes in! 

Stay tuned for posts and updates on all things New York Fashion Week in the next week to come.  ...And be sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter for daily by the minute updates.

NYFW.. Fashionable yet me.

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