Thursday, November 13, 2014

6 Beautiful Bucket Bags Under $450 Bucks ♥ My Bucket List

Bucket Bags, shopping, Shopping guide, blogger, Fashion blogger, best fashion blogger, Los Angeles fashion blogger, stuff She likes, top fashion bloggers, short hair, blonde blogger, bucket bag trend, fashion trendsOne of my all time favorite trends in bags is finally back and back with a passion.  The Bucket bag.. A symbol of chic yet effortless style as of late has been hanging from the shoulders of fashionistas and the like.  I too super willingly have joined the bucket list.  (See Here)

Here's the thing about a good bucket bag.. Its big enough to fit all your stuff in.  Yet small enough to not be mistaken for an overnight bag.. Yet big enough to take overnight.. Unless you decide to sport a mini bucket.. Which I too adore.. Then you are just being awesome!

So you ask yourself the looming question. 

 "What bucket bag shall it get..? Where do I begin..? Black or Neutral..?  Decisions. Decisions.

All legitimately tough questions.. Thus I have tried to ease the burden of tough decision making by compiling a list of six bucket bags that I absolutely adore, all ranging in price from $89 to $440 bucks. 

Without further ado... My Bucket List...

The Bucket Bag...
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