Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Faux Fur and Jumpsuits

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Trends come and go so often that sometimes it's like running a marathon trying to actually keep up.   Last season it was the 90's (which is still in full effect BTW).  The year before it was the 80's.   This season it seems the 1970's are making a serious comeback.  I happen to adore the 1970's because it's the decade my parents met and fell in love.  Thank you 1970's!

 Okay so..

Last post I showed you how to rock 1970's inspired hip hugger flared jeans with an updated look.. and this post I'm almost going full fledged throw back slightly Urban Cowboy on you.  Phew!  I know that was a mouthful! 

Hat, faux fur, flared jumpsuit, fringe and an up dated metallic pump.  Sounds super complicated.. but so super easy.  You all know my love affair with jumpsuits.. one stop shops of coolness.  Easy and breezy.   The braided detail on the legs of this particular one is so darn cute.  Then there's the instant chic of Faux fur.  Here is what I adore abut a good faux fur... TIMELESS.  I actually sang that as I was typing it.  Go ahead a take moment to process and/or picture it!

The comb of these two particular clothing items with instantly elevate you to cool girl status.  Well in your own mind at least... and well all know it's not what others think of you, it's what you think of yourself!   That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

All right.. I am off the finish gathering arctic ready clothing for yet another New York Fashion week.  I actually never to in February (for obvious climate reasons) but I am doing a fun collaboration with a super cool company.. 

Oh I almost forgot.. Todays RE-WEAR.. The Faux Fur.  also worn HERE and  HERE.   I've had this one for years.  Just may be one of my best purchases in life.  

 Happy Wednesday!

The 1970's continues..

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