Sunday, February 15, 2015

My New York Fashion Week Challenge..

Preparing for New York Fashion week can be exciting and super stressful all at the same time.   And preparing for a February New York fashion week is even more exciting.  With temperatures in the 20's and 30's..finding the right balance in an outfit is essential.   Your accessories must be a stand out ..while staying warm is essential.  I teamed up with TJ Maxx & Marshalls before I came out to New York to find the perfect Fashion Week designer pieces all at the perfect non designer prices to make my outfits pop.

The Challenge...
With $500 dollars in hand..Shop both TJ Maxx and Marshalls to find the perfect pieces that will help maximize my looks for Fashion Week.

Now I know that being at fashion week means having your own style.. and carrying designer pieces that are cool, fashion worthy, and fit my personal style all at the same time.


So off to TJ Maxx and Marshalls I went...

Aside from a store full of super cool designer finds at great prices they also have what's called the "Designer Runway Department"  Any department with the word designer and Runway in it.. and I am there.  There where so many amazing designer finds that I wanted to take them all home..

But here is the thing about my personal style.. A mix of high and low is my thing... and with TJ Maxx and Marshalls...adding high end designers to your wardrobe is a breeze.

Here's what I scored!

1. DVF Booties..
2. Micheal Kors Clutch/wallet..
3. Derek Lam Cashmere sweater..
4. Zac Posen Trapeze Bag  

Not Bad for a days work...

....Okay so this post would not be complete if I didn't share my tips tips for maximizing NYFW.   I have 7 tips that will not only take you through Fashion week.. but will carry you through.. well Life.   Okay that last sentence may be a bit of a stretch but I stand by it!

1. Accessories are Key.
It’s going to be cold so a great bags and shoes are essential to your Fashion Weeks outfits
How to maximize Fashion options when traveling. 

2. Interchangeable separates. Always take separates that can be worn more than one way. This amazing grey sweater can be worn with distressed denim and booties during the day and dressed up at night with a pencil skirt and a statement necklace. While at NYFW I would add thick black tights and coat to the outfit in these photos. 

3. A wallet that works as a clutch for evening. A great designer wallet like this one that is big enough to fit your phone a lipstick and an iPad mini in addition to credit cards and a couple essentials is key!  Of course it should be small enough to fit in your carry all during the day. 

4. Basic Neutrals to wear with your more colorful Pieces.  Black is a neutral color.  A black carry all like this great desinger bag that I scored at T.J.Maxx for an incredible price is perfect for carrying essentials on to the plane when you travel and perfect for your most fashion able look during fashion week.

 5. A great red lip..Because you are so covered up in the cold. Remember to always keep a bright red lipstick in your arsenal.

6. Basic black booties with an edge.  These I spotted at Marshalls with a pop of Leopard are soon to be my new favorites on both the east and west coast.  With a short stacked heel I can bounce from show to show during fashion week and my feet will never know

7.  Comfort is Key.  With so much going on at Fashion Week.. remember to travel with pieces that will maximize your comfort.

I also adore my fashion week finds because I can rock them when I get back o L.A.  It's all about the RE-Wear..  Follow along on my Instagram for my journey at NYFW.

Alright.. Don't for get to follow along with me on  my travels to both New York Fashion Week and beyond..This next week is going to be a great one..

* Brought to you by TJ Maxx  & Marshalls

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