Friday, February 27, 2015

Structured Cinderella..

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 The Look
Dress: Teatum Jones
Sunnies: Vera Wang c/o
Booties: Shoe Dazzle co
Cuff: CC Skye
Ring: Sayta Jewelry c/o

On Valentines day I posted a beautiful Editorial that I was super honored to take part in.. and with that, a promise to post about the outfit I wore in it..

I am one for keeping my promises..

There is something about slipping into a beautiful gown that as a woman gives you a serious Cinderella moment.  No matter if you are a tomboy and driven by the idea of menswear or you absolutely just can't stand dresses.. a beautiful gown will change your mind every time.

Okay so what if you are not quite in the poof puff Cinderella spirit.  I'm talking literally..I absolutely was not here...actually come to think of it, I never really am.. haha.   Again we are talking literally.   There is an alternative.  Attending a Ball?  Rock a gown that has structure.

This beauty is the perfect example.   It's sheer, structured, cinched at the waist and shows just enough skin to wow a crowd.    It's the Power Gown..  kind of like the "Power Suit" of the 80's and 90's..  but not to be confused with!

With that said I have some fun news.. I will be attending the premiere of Cinderella this weekend, which ironically was one of my favorite movies as a kid.   Check out my Instagram to see what I end up wearing.  I may not be all about a super girly poofy Cinderella dress now.. but every gal wants her glass slipper moment right!  I know I do..   Stay Tuned..

Happy Weekend Y'all! 

Photo's: John Park Image

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