Monday, February 2, 2015

Style is in the Details..

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 The Look
Dress: Vintage Calvin Klein (similar)
Sunglasses: Made Eyewear
Coat: Forever 21

Clothes in our wardrobes will come and go.  Trends come.. we wear the heck out if them and then we are on to the next.  There area a few items in a woman's wardrobe that she will covet for years and a classic style that she may never stop wearing.  Trend or no trend.  Whether it's a certain hair style..
or a classic red lip fashion mavens alike will rock a signature look ensuring its  relevance no matter what.  This can also be personally had in our individual wardrobes as well.   For instance I've noticed that I have been wearing a whole lot of denim lately.  A classic choice with classic details that I think will never leave my closet.  

Speaking of details, I have to say there is nothing like the detailing of Vintage denim.   The stitching.. The buttons.. The quality of the denim.  All exceptional.  All mastered.   I snagged this little beauty a few years back at the Melrose Trading Post and there are four details that I absolutely adore about it. 

    1. The stitching.  
  2. The buttons. 
 3. The pockets 
4. Tiny and oh so tasteful Calvin Klein residing perfectly on the left pocket.

All four giving the vintage number a super stylish and relevant feel.

Today's ReWear:  These super cute mile high platforms.. formerly worn HERE

Style is in the details!

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