Saturday, February 14, 2015

The "Valentines" Day Collective

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By now you all know that I am in the arctic temperatures of what Is better known as New York Fashion Week in February.   I arrived late last night..But before I get all gushy about that.. Its Valentines day.. and what better way to celebrate than with friends.

For me V-day is all about love and cherishing everyone who enhances in your life.

With that said.. some of my favorite blogger buds and I got together for a beautiful editorial,  celebrating our friendship in a town and business where true friends can be hard to find.

As we were shooting it felt like we were part of a modern day Breakfast Club slash Mod Squad slash this could totally be a cover of a Vanity Fair Hollywood issue.  Well at least in my portion of this fantasy.  Hey... A girl can dream right? 

Let's just call it "the blogger version"

I hope where ever you are and whom ever you are with.  Whether it's your mom, you friends, your pets or your significant other that the day is all about love..

Reinaldo Irizarry.  Blog: Reyal Fashion 
TommyLei.  Blog: My Belonging
Stephanie Luu.  Blog: Honey and Silk

Photo's: John Park

Valentines day with friends..

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