Monday, March 2, 2015


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 The Look
Dress: YLIN
Sunnies Made Eyewear
Booties: DVF
Watch:Micheal Kors

 One Friday afternoon a coupe weeks back a few friends and I all decided that we were going to indulge in some yummy food and embrace a bit of fashion culture at the Louis Vuitton exhibit.  I was  dying to go before it closed.. and what better way to end your week and start your weekend than with food, fashion and friends.

So with that said...
what does one wear for a casual day out with friends?   The first thing that came to mind were Jeans and a Tee.   But then I thought.. snoozeville.  After all I was going to witness the sheer greatness of LV....That would be Louis Vuitton not Las Vegas.. Two very different cultures might I add.

After 5 minutes of the "what a shall I wear conversation" with myself.. come on you all know you do that... I decided on a sweater dress.  Warm enough and cool enough all at the same time.  Simple and easy..

 Happy Monday Everyone!
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  1. such a great look


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