Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Valley High....

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 The Look
Jacket: The Kooples c/o
Tee: Valley High c/o
Denim: Velvet c/o
Mules: TopShop
Sunnies: Made Eyewear c/o
    Instagram: @TayeHansberry
Twitter:   @TayeHansberry
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Rocking looks that are menswear inspired and rocking looks that are actually men's clothing are often go hand in hand..  So which one am I wearing today? 
Lets just say that you won't find this awesome suede jacket in the women's section of your local department store.  It's all about rocking what looks cute on you.  I saw this jacket and I said I have to rock that.  Just big enough to be cute and just small enough to fit me.  I mean studs and patches will bring out the bad ass in any gal right!

Then there is the tee.  This little number is special because it is the brain child of my fellow blogger bae Chanelle Laurence.  I am all about supporting incredible ladies who get out there and put their stamp on the world.

I took this quote from the Valley High website because I could not have said it better myself..

"A Valley Girl is someone that’s always down for the cause but only if she’s in the right uniform. She’s always on top of trends and is never afraid to try new ones. She’s inspired and loves expressing herself, whether through her clothes or another creative outlet making the world her playground. A Valley Girl can be loud and edgy or shy and reserved. As long as her love for fashion resides, she can pull off our goods"

I think we should all take a que from this quote.. Thanks Valley High!

 Making the world my playground...

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