Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life is beautiful..

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 The Look
Top: H&M c/o
Sunglasses: Call It Spring c/o
Bag: MCM c/o
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As my birthday approaches at the end of this week I obviously start to think about life, it's joys, it's sorrows, it's complexities and it's perfect imperfection.  Life is in fact beautiful.  Okay before I get all sentimental on you guys lets dive into what I like to call the perfect summer  "I just don't give a f**k" outfit!..
Super simple, super baggy, super wrinkled and super let's live in it all summer.   I mean here on Stuff She Likes we (and by we I mean ME)  firmly believe that the everyday easy looks are just as important as the ones we spend time contemplating.  So equally they shall be displayed for you inspiration.

This super cute top is now one of my favorites and I am now kicking myself for not getting it in cream as well.  Nothing haunts us like the pieces we didn't buy!  A phrase I hear all the time and is so darn true.. With that said I do have it in this super cute mustard brownish oh so 1970's color which will do just fine with so much in that closet of mine.  I highly suggest you pick up something in this tone for summer.  Whether it's shoes, a bag a new will automatically update your summer wardrobe.  If not be sure to grab them in white.
Beautiful Life..
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