Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stirring up Weekend Brunch..

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Meyer Lemon Pancakes.. Strawberry Ricotta Toast.. Almond Lattes.. Morroccan Baked Eggs..Farro and Kale breakfast bowl..  How can you pass up brunch when it sounds like that! 

Now before we begin this food post,  let me remind you all how much I ridiculously love brunch.  I am a firm believer that eating deliciously crafted food amongst friends on a Saturday or Sunday morning is a perfect beginning to creating the recipe for the perfect day.  Which leads me to a little place called Stir Market.  

I was first introduced to Stir Market about 4 months ago when I attended a group media breakfast there.  I walked in and immediately was like.. Oh Yeah!  I am going to like this place!  Part Market..Part restaurant.. All deliciously perfect.  After my third trip back I decided I absolutely have to share this little neighborhood gem with you guys.  

Open for breakfast,  lunch and dinner Stir Market is the perfect retreat for those who love hanging Mid City.  Weekend brunch consists of a small yet super effective menu filled with awesomely currtaed dishes.  You won't find just your regular eggs and bacon here!   Brunch at Stir Market is all about "stirring" up the senses.. (Pun Intended)  I could eat both the Rocotta Toast and Meyer Lemon pancakes every day!  Thank Goodness I attempt to excersise some self control.  Once a week will do!

Check out their website HERE.. head on in for some yumminess and let me know what you think! 
Stir Market
7475 Beverly Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone. 323-879-8283

Weekend Brunch..
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