Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Skin with RoC

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Top: Gypsy 05
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Shoes: Kenneth Cole
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 Beach days are a serious priority during the beautiful summer months.   Yet with the  fun in the sun comes dry skin, wrinkles and sun damage.  Ahh the give and take of life!  But lucky for us.. we can take some of the "TAKE" out of that give and take.  Protecting the delicate skin on your one and only face is a must. 
Sunglasses, big ole hats, umbrella's.. They are work with our sunscreens to fight sun damage.  Now if you are like me, applying plain sunscreen can do one of two or two of two things.

1. Make your skin look grey and dull.  
2. Cause some serious breakouts.

...and I don't know about you.. but I prefer to not have either.  I find when my sunscreen is incorporated into my moisturizing products my skin just loves it.   My summer go to's with RoC do the trick!


 Both products fight sun damage and potential wrinkles while leaving your skin dewy, moisturized and soft.

In the Summer frolicking in the sun is a must.. so while you it up, let RoC fight the good fight.
*Sponsored by ROC

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  1. love these pics!

  2. I love using Roc's retinol products! They've seriously improved my skin's texture and tone over the last couple of years. Great photos...I need to get back to the beach one day soon!

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