Friday, September 18, 2015

As the Parisians do.. Paris Look 2

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 The Look

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I have been back from my travels for 5 days now and I am absolutely still struggling with jet lag.   I literally fell asleep attempting to write this at 8pm last night. It felt like it was 2am.  Thus I am up at 5 am when most of us here on the West coast are asleep,  sharing with you what might be my favorite look from my Who's Next Paris adventure.

This dress now seems like a no brainer..
But when I first slipped it on I was like whoa.. that is a lot of my assets out there for the world to see.  Don't get me wrong.. I have been here on Stuff She Likes in total lingerie but somehow when it's a low cut dress vs the lingerie.. the dress seems more revealing.   Okay back to the subject at hand.   Within 20 seconds I was right at home. The setting.   A beautiful French bridge.  The Eiffel tower glowing in the distance.. and this dress flowing in the Parisian wind.  All I can say is.. Take me back.

Photos: Photographer : Nelly Briet 


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  1. You look beautiful in this dress!

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  2. stunning

  3. Love love love this dress, you look super stunning!

  4. Absolutely magnificent look


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