Friday, October 16, 2015

Burnt Orange & Black..

orange dress, forever 21 hat, morrored sumglasses, alexander Wand heels, NYFW, New York, fringe, fringe bag
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I was combing through photo's on my computer yesterday when I came upon these photos and realized that I had not posted them.   Yet the universe works as it should.   How appropriate that I am wearing black and orange and  it is now the month of Halloween.  Ahh Fall colors.
I think no matter what the trends may be.. burnt orange is definitely up there at the top as one of my favorite colors... And now that the 70' are in full swing,  it's so very appropriate.   Now when wearing a burnt orange.. or any orange for that matter.. remember to keep it simple.  The color itself is a statement.  So pairing with just one other color is always a good idea.  In this case Black..  Black simple heels,  black hat, black fringe bag.  DONE!

What's your favorite color for fall?
Photo's: Dane Brown Photography

 Orange & Black..

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  1. love this dress

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!

  2. So cute, burnt orange is such a good color. & I swear lace up dresses like that are gonna be so in style this fall / winter. I love it

    haley x

  3. Black and orange can be hard to pull off without looking to Halloween, but you did this combo great. I love the burnt orange dress with the lace up detail. You look great!


  4. Seriously beautiful! Loving the laced dresses <3

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