Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three Ways to Style Bulky Pieces

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Layering winter knits and coats can often be tricky with out the risk of looking about ten times bigger than you actually are.    There are a couple tips and trick to layering bulky pieces that will leave you looking warm and polished.    Below are three of my faves..
1. Layer bulky pieces with slim pieces.  This seems like a no brainer.. but when those temperatures drop you'd be surprised at how quickly two or three bulky items make it into your outfit.   So if you are rocking a bulky sweater, pair it with skinny jeans  and ankle hugging booties like my girl Michelle.  That way you keep the look balanced.

2. Rock a bulkier item that is more on the cropped side with slim layers.   Like Tania.  Her bulkier faux fur is a stand out layered with a slightly longer button up denim top and lose fitting pants.

3. Show just enough skin. Here I'm wearing a bulky turtleneck sweater with a short leather skirt and over the knee boots.  Pairing all of it with a structured slim duster coat.  The little bit of skin breaks up the outfit a bit while I am still pretty much covered from head to toe.

  Styling Bulky..

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