Monday, January 11, 2016

Beauty w/ RoC Skincare...

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RoC Skincare w/ HEXINOL Technolgy
Beauty Post, Beauty Blogger, Skincare, Top Fashion Blogger, Top Blogger, Taye Hansberry, Beauty Photo
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New Year... New Routines... New Research.. Changing out the old for the new(er).. Testing new things and coming out of your comfort zone with the things we are all so very comfortable with.   Which can actually be super scary.  About a week ago I decided to get rid of 50% of the stuff in my place.
 Stuff that was taking up space and preventing new energy from finding it's way into my life.

...And some of the items I decided to get rid of were things that I actually still used and love.. but in my mind I knew that to make room in my life,  I had to remove lots of stuff.. including Stuff I actually Like... haha get it Stuff She Likes..

Anyhow back to the subject at hand..

I got rid of the some stuff I like to make room for stuff that I don't yet know that I will like.   In that process I rid my bathroom cabinet of tons of products to make room for different ones.   Products like RoC Skincare's new face creams and eye cream with HEXINOL Technology.  Now don't get me wrong.. I am a Retinol loyalist.. but in my quest to discover the stuff I am not aware of yet,  I thought to myself.. remove the what's there and make way for what can be.  Can you see how this may pertain to everything...

RoC Skincare's  “MULTI CORREXION 5 in 1 line” w/ HEXINOL Technology restores (elasticity), hydrates (dry skin), improves (texture), smooths (fine lines)  and lightens (pigmentation)..  Taking care of so many skin concerns all at one time every time you apply.  Leaving you with the minimum amount of products taking up space in your place.  Creating space and improving everything...
*Sponsored By RoC Skincare

Testing the new.. creating space.. New energy!

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  1. I've tried the Roc skincare before and I liked it. These days I only use oils on my face :)
    Getting rid of old stuff is so refreshing ! Sounds great!
    I'm currently doing project 333 :)
    Hope you have a happy week!

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