Friday, January 15, 2016

The Turtleneck...

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 The Look
Poncho: Karen Millen c/o
Top: Cotton On c/o
trousers: Zara
Heels:Barneys NY
Bag:Shafer LA
Photo's:  Kell Riches

    Instagram: @TayeHansberry
Twitter: @TayeHansberry
SnapChat: Taye Hansberry  
If you haven't noticed already.. I seem to be married to some form or other of the turtleneck pretty much on a regular basis these days.  This little habit was  born out of necessity from being sick over the holidays and feeling the need to never expose my neck to the elements....
Dare I say that because I am actually in Los Angeles and you are most likely thinking what elements could she possibly be talking about?  Rest assured that it does get chilly here once in a while.  This day was no exception.  The wind was up and the air had an icy quality to it.

With that said lets move on to the fashion of it..after all we are a Fashion Blog over here at Stuff She Likes...

The mixture of textures,  patterns and fabrics are exactly what is sometimes needed to remain stylish while braving the elements.   But again (because this subject has been broached before here) how to accomplish this mixture without looking like you decided to grab everything piece of clothing you own.  The trick.. color..  and I am not talking about that small pop of color on my feet.  I'm talking the over all use of black and white throughout the look.  By staying in the black and white family.. the look becomes chic.. and adding the pop of color with the shoes creates personality... because after all without a dash of your own personality.. well you know...

The Turtleneck..
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  1. I love everything about this!!


  2. Adore your minimal look! From the hair to the shirt and slacks, its both classic, clean, and soooooooo cute!

  3. Love the patterns mixture!! And the shoes are gorgeous! Great and elegant outfit


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