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3 Steps to Fast Growing Healthy Hair

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From time to time I like to do what I like to call quick beauty posts..   When I get enough questions about a similar subject I decide to dive right in.   I am one to change my hair a lot.. I've said it before and I'll say it again..  Hair is a great way to express yourself because the changes are never permanent..

..And lately I have been getting so many questions about how my hair grows so fast..  Now pretty much our hair grows at about the same rate..
...for the average human like you and me about a half of an inch a month.   But whether that hair stays on your head is all up to you.. and there 3 standard things I do both on the inside and the outside to facilitate this process.
Lets start with the inside..  because what you do on the inside is almost more important than anything you do on the outside. The health of anything on your body depends in how you treat it internally.

1. VITAMINS..  I take multi vitamins regularly.  When I don't I can tell that my hair (and nails) don't grow as much.  Now there are all kinds of vitamins out there.. and I find that when I change my vitamins about once a year they work better.  This year for me is all about the Liquid Multi Vitamins. when looking for one make sure that the  Vitamins are quick absorbing which means you will not pee them all out.. and have high levels of  Vitamin C, A, D and most of the B Vitamins you need.  These ingredients mixed with the trace minerals included facilitate healthy hair, skin and nails.

Next lets move on to the outside...

2.  CONDITIONER..  Like my vitamins I switch up my hair products often.  Right now I am using two masks/deep conditioners that have brought my hair back to life.   Remember I was a bleach blonde just a few months ago and my hair was severely damaged from that processing.  So right now I am using Kevin Murphy Young Again Mask and Hayashi 911 Reconstructor.

Both are amazing and will change your hair with in a couple uses.


3. REGULAR TRIMS.  My stylist Nicolas Flores trims my hair about once a month.  Now you may wonder how my hair grows if I keep cutting it once a month?  That is precisely why my hair grows.  By trimming regularly your ends do not split.  When they don't split your hair stays healthy and you have to cut less of it off.
So there you have it..  Easy and standard practices to put to use for healthy, shiny hair that grows fast.
I would love to hear some of your hair tips.. leave a comment on my Instagram or here..

Healthy Hair...

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  1. That is definitely why my hair develops. By trimming frequently your finishes don't part. When they don't part your hair stays solid and you need to trim less of it off.
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