Monday, March 28, 2016

Gotta Wear Shades.. Converse Shades that is..

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Sunglasses: Converse
Photos: Mike Paradise


Amazing eyewear these days is just as important at any other accessory on your list.   When I head out the door my daily checklist always includes a great bag, snacks, my phone and super cool sunnies.. even if the sun is not out..because you never know.

Your look is just not complete without great eyewear to top it off... 

...For me a pair of sunnies can make or break an outfit and being in California where the sun does always shine,  literally...  an arsenal of sunglasses is required...  

 Converse just made getting that arsenal a whole lot easier.. Yep.. I said it... Converse!  Who knew that the shoe company we all love also makes sunglasses?

I partnered up with Converse to share a couple of my favorites from the super cute brand with you.  From amazing Aviators to cool round shapes and at prices that range from $19 to $128 bucks.    The beautiful Aviators I'm wearing in this post are... wait for it....  are $26 dollars.  I know.. I know.. my jaw hit the floor too!

Don't forget to check out my faves from the brand at the top of this post..  Happy Shopping!
*Sponsored by Converse

The Perfect Shades...
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