Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Wear Your Summer Whites..

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The Look
Top: Forever 21
Jumper: Forever 21
Sungalsses: Wildfox
Photos: Mike Paradise
Instagram: @TayeHansberry 

Twitter: @TayeHansberry
SnapChat: Taye Hansberry
(click the photo's below to shop that look)

I always feel brighter when I wear white.   Light.. happy.. go lucky yet completely sophisticated all at the same time.  Something about a head to toe white, or cream gives you a beaming self confidence.  It could be the fact that many people won't dare to do it, so you get to stand out from the crowd.  

But fear for most there is still a shy away factor... 
..I know there are countless folks who for fear of rubbing up against something/anything (dirty car) or spilling (mid day latte i'm talking to you) won't dare to venture into even the pale monochrome world.   For me, the sheer idea of the plain old environment getting hold of my beautiful crisp new white and tarnishing it for life used to keep me away. 

Look, I am in fact one of those people who will inevitably only enjoy my head to toe white for about two hours before I accessorize it with some type of proof that the day actually took place.. but hey at least there were those couple of hours...  And with summer fast approaching (it can't get here fast enough BTW) it's definitely that time to make those summer white purchases.  Pair your new whites with pretty much anything..  blush, navy, black, brown, tan, red, grey,  even other whites and you are good to go! 
Summer White

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  1. This jumpsuit and those heels work perfectly together. So good!


  2. Oh I'm so in love with the design and structure of this look! Stunning summer fashion~

  3. amazing! those heels are everything!


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