Thursday, May 26, 2016

7 Fashion Worthy Backpacks to Buy Now..

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The Look
Backpack: Brahmin
Sunglasses: Rayban
Lipstick: Nars 


Backpacks are somewhat of a curious thing. When it comes to a backpack the first thought in most people who are over the age of 25  is...
...that big huge chunky dark not so fashiony contraption used by mostly boys and some gals  to carry large amounts of texts books to and from classes that we all generally would like to forget.  The mere thought actually carries a little PTSD.    With that said I  find myself hearing from most adults who have long left the trauma of the school yard behind, that a backpack in fashion is just not for them.

Here is where I beg to differ..  And here is where I will share  my favorite 7 favorite fashion worthy backpacks that will get you through summer feeling like you have conquered those haunting high-school demons and stepped right into the world of super chic adult worthy backpack style.

Shop the look-book below..  (P.S.  I gave you one to grow on)

Fashion Worthy Backpacks
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  1. I'm always needing a new backpack! Perfect~

  2. A chic backpack is the perfect accesory!


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