Friday, June 24, 2016

The Top...

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 The Look
Bag: MCM
Sunglasses: Westward Leaning
Peace Ring: Sydney Evan
Belt: Vintage
Photo's: Mike Paradise
    Instagram: @TayeHansberry
 Twitter:   @TayeHansberry
   Pintrest:   @TayeHansberry 
BlogLovin: Stuff She Likes
 SnapChat: Taye Hansberry


You ever have an item in your closet that you continually go back to, try it on, even get all the way to the front door with it on and yet still change in to something else.. and then one day you slip it on and I simply looks like you live in it..  Raise your hand if that's you..
I'm writing this with my hand raised!   Well that was this top.. this top and I had a back and fourth like you would not believe..  and now I adore it..  I bring this up because it is a widely know principle that of you have not worn something in months than you should give it away..  rules of a non fashion hoader of course.. I on the other hand need to seek out hoarders anonymous...

Okay I just got off track..

What was I saying?...

Oh yes.  That once piece.  We all have it..  and before you toss it to the donation bin,  give it one more go.   Just look what happened here.   Pure fashion joy.. although you would not know from my face.. I promise there is joy stewing..

PS.  if you are in LA today the folks who make this top are having a serious sample sale (and I saw all the stuff with my own eyes.. trust me you want to be there...

Everything is $10..Cash Only
Friday June 23rd
Australian Fashion Labels
880 S Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, Ca 90014

Happy Friday!

The Top
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