Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Style Wide Leg Pants..

 The Look
Pants: Vince
Top: BC
Shoes: Vince
Bag: Soriel
Sunglasses: Rayban
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The wide leg pant.. Let's just say I have a love love sometimes hate relationship with the thought of them.  When I love them.. which I absolutely do right now.. the relationship is gold.   They flow.. they're comfy and with the right shoe, they make you look ten feet tall. 

 What more can a gal ask for? 

Now I know the looming question on everyone's mind right now is..

"How on earth do I style these things?"  

Here is the good part.   I'm going to tell you.

Wide legs you say?  I say.. pair them with anything cropped, fitted or tucked in.   So let's break that down.  A fitted tee, a cropped tank, even a bodysuit.. ohh  that last one may happen for me over this Holiday weekend..

What are your wardrobe plans for the 4th?

Wide leg pants

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