Monday, July 11, 2016

How to Wear Bright Eyeshow for Summer...

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 The Look
Eyes: Hammemet
Eyeliner: Nars in Via Appia
Lip Color: Overheated
Highlighter: Bobby Brown 

Being the neutral kind of gal that I am.. The prospect of wearing an eye shadow in any other hue than some version of tan, bronze, peach or brown is actually disturbing... scratch that.. was disturbing.. but since applied.. all that went away..

So I thought since I was so impressed but the shade on my lids.. Why not share this summer make up look with you guys..
Play up your cheeks with a little bronze,  perk up your pout with a pretty peach and of course pop the whole look with a splash of color on your lids.

Below are some of my faves to complete this look...

What is your favorite beauty look for summer?
Summer color
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