Monday, August 22, 2016

A Take on the Classic Suit and Tie..

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Suit and Tie?  I adore a great take on a suit and although this is technically not  a suit.. the inspo derived from the classic suit and tie look is undeniable.

A little off subject but you will understand where I am going with this in a second..

 Yesterday I posted a look to Instagram and there was a comment made about whether that person could pull off the look?  I immediately wrote them back and said YES.  Sometimes a look seems a lot more complicated than it is and once you sort of step back and open your mind to it, it's like a whole other world appears.  

But lets chat about all the variables in this look that may make you say no..  Stripes... pants...low cut blouse...flat slippers..  All saying no you can't... but once on definitely screams yes you can!

It's simple.. think of this look as simply trousers and a top.. I am going to take a wild guess and assume that this comb is something you most likely wear at least two times a week if not more.. this is no different.. just jazzed up a little.  Get it?  By the way don't get me wrong.. I looked at this combo and had the same "hanger" reaction.. but then I took a step back.  It really does work.

Happy Monday!

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  1. This looks like a jumpsuit, I love it! It's a lovely outfit. You look gorgeous!!

  2. I love it! So need to try. I'm imagining it now, it's the perfect outfit for any occasion.... the office, a meeting, dinner party, happy hour that last more than hour.. whatever your heart desires!

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