Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to Style Bell Sleeves for Happy Hour..

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 The Look (shop the links)
Dress: Storets
Bag: MCM 
Restaurant: Goldies
Photography: Jeff Mindell
    Instagram: @TayeHansberry
 Twitter:   @TayeHansberry
   Pintrest:   @TayeHansberry 
BlogLovin: Stuff She Likes
 SnapChat: Taye Hansberry


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And now that you have done this..back to the post at hand..

So we all know that I am a foodie.  In fact when I started Stuff She Likes there was more food here than anything..  I would say that my eating habits  consist of  eating out about 80% of the time.  I adore the social aspect of chatting over a meal with a friend or a group of folks and more over I adore a place that can curate a mean cocktail menu and has amazing food.. so often the two are not hand in hand.

So my friend Jeff Mindell and I decided to head over to one of my favorite places in LA.. Goldies and do a little eating.. drinking and shooting.. because why not.. Fashion and Food should always go hand in hand!

Okay so if you have not been to Goldies you have no doubt seem it on my Instagram a few times..  Delicious food.. the most amazing fries (fries re always a pre-requisite for me).. crazy good drinks.. But lets chat Happy hour.. That time when a restaurant usually for an hour has better prices drinks and mediocre food that will leave you with heart burn for days!..

Not Goldies..

Get this.
Goldies Happy Hour 

Weekdays 12pm-6pm
Saturday 3pm-6pm
Sunday 3pm to 10pm

Happy Hour Food Menu
3-6 daily

Phew did you get all that.. ?

 Alright what are you waiting for.. head over there!!!

8422 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, Ca 90048
 Fashion and Food...

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  1. really fresh outfit for the summer, nice the detail in the sleeves

  2. Your photos are amazing! Love it!


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