Thursday, September 1, 2016

How I look Like My Mother.. Circa the 1970's

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 The Look
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And now that you have done this again..back to the post at hand..

So I found this shoot in the archives and could not believe that I had not posted it..  I wore this little gym of an outfit on my birthday a couple months ago and all day I could not help but to think about photos of my mom in the 70's and 80's when she dressed like this on a regular basis.. 

Can I insert here that the 1970's and 1980's were like the best decades ever.  Have you ever watched those documentaries on the decades?   Sooo good! 

 Okay back to what I was saying...When I was looking at these pictures I had to call her.. I literally look just like her in them..

Here is the beauty if this look..  it's supremely effort-full in an effortless way.   Allow me to explain.. The garment it self is so beautifully made that it's "effort-full"..  The way it wears... "Effortless".  Best way a look can be right!

Okay this one is short and sweet as I am scrambling to get the pups to the groomer (they look like they rolled around in a pot of grey clay)  and get ready to leave in a few days for NYC.. Fashion Week here I come.
Looking like mom
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  1. Love those shoes!


  2. the top is super cool, and super nice the comboooooo!
    My mum has something similar too, and i adore it

  3. This is so nice! My mother is always telling me that she wore that o this when she was young. You look great, I love the dress!!

  4. You look adorable in this floral dress,lovely color and style

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