Friday, October 14, 2016

How I Packed Basics for an Italian Getaway.. Sorrento, Italy

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 The Look
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 When traveling I am the absolute worst at getting to the airport and having to open my bags in front of a glaring line of people waiting just so I can shuffle my clothes around in attempts to meet the 50 pound weight cap allowed for checked baggage.  So many of us have been there..  Pulling one shoe out at a time and individually weighing it to see if it's the culprit giving you that one last pound.

So this trip I got to thinking..
10 days.. Countless dinners, excursions, beach days, sail days and photo shoots.. How on earth was I going to pack that itinerary into 50 pounds.   After pondering the thought while watching the latest on CNN one word came to mind.


Yep.. I said it... Basics..  A few basic pieces to mix and match  with a few stand out pieces can take your packing from daunting to dashing.  Okay not sure that last sentence made any sense  but it sounds slightly poetic so I am going with it.

With that said this day in Sorrento, Italy was a perfect example of how I used basics to jazz up my look. ..And yep I just used the phrase "jazzed up" much to my own dismay.  We will get straight to the point shortly I promise!

Ahh here we are.. The point!

I wore this denim jacket (which happens to be a men's jacket) more than a few times on the trip including on the airplane.  With a simple halter dress the denim across my shoulders added a touch of chic to a very beachy look.  Especially handy for exploring the cute streets of Sorrento and having what just may be the best pasta dish I have ever had.  (See photo below)
Photo's: Sydne Summer

Basics in Italy..

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