Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Dress for an Italian Vacation...I woke up in Positano, Italy..

 The Look
Romper: Wyldr
Shoes: Senso
Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo
Necklace: Sydney Evan 
Choker: Natalie Chapman 
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As you probably know by now I just returned from an epic journey to Europe and the Middle East with Royal Caribbean Cruises.   If you've followed along on my Instagram the last couple of weeks you've most likely caught glimpses of my trip.    So now that you have an inkling from my insta of what I did.. I thought it only fitting over the next week or so (okay maybe a little longer.. bare with me folks) to share in detail my looks with you city by city.

Staring with Positano, Italy.

If you have never been to this little picturesque beauty of a coastal town I highly suggest that you add it to your bucket list.  I was in absolute heaven.  From the cobblestone roads to the pretty boutique hotels and down to the beautiful beaches where you can look up and see the incredible cliff sides of Positano.   I mean this place had views for days in every which direction.  When I was higher up.. I could look low and be inspired.. When I was lower I could look high and have my breathe taken away.

So how did I know what to pack for such an adventure you ask?   Good question.   Well I actually posed the question to myself.. but I have no problem giving the credit to you guys.. 

Okay back to what I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself.  Seems to be a thing with me these days.. 

See there I went again..

What was I saying?   Oh yes.. Packing...

When packing for a cruise that visits an Italian coastal town I knew ahead of time that I was going to eat... EVERYTHING..  no exaggeration..  That is exactly what I did.   With that said my Italian wardrobe goals went a little something like this..

 Comfy Chic.. With a little more comfy to go around..  

Fist day.. Black romper it was..  Easy to wear.. easy to walk.. easy to beach...easy to eat..  and since it it's black no need to worry about spilling half my Italian tomato sauce on it..

What's your favorite look to take on a vacation..

Photo's  Sydne Evan & Caitlin Linquist

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  1. You look great - I was in Positano last year and the heat was immense, so this looks like the perfect outfit to keep you cool!

    The Little Things | Louise x

  2. I love your jumper. Beautiful.

    Andrea - Strawberries 'n' Champagne

  3. Comfy chic is my second name hahaha. Gorgeous outfit! I followed your trip in Instagram stories, and you were always wearing so chic outfits. Have a nice day!


  4. Very good. you are the winner. Do not forget update new information regularly. thank !
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