Thursday, November 17, 2016

12 Must Have Embroidered or Beaded Booties of the Season..

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It seems like Fall of 2016 has brought out every one's love for embroidery & beading.. 

Including mine.   It was not that long ago that the only embroidery any of us owned was the embroidered blanket that we got from our grandma at the holidays and the only beading we owned was again that 1980's dynasty era dress that we snagged from our other grandma's closet..

Well I'm here to tell you that I am all for it.. Can't get enough of it.. and am currently filling my closet with all aspects of it..

So I thought why not share with you my 12 favorite embroidered or beaded booties ranging from "affordable" to "splurgable"..  Because like I often say.. sharing is caring..


Happy Shopping..

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  1. Wow, these boots are amazing! I couldn't pick just one. Great selection!!


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