Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Charmed with IPPOLITA..

 Charm Necklace
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I've been obsessed with gold and diamonds lately..  And for me I adore jewelry that is both unusual and beautiful at the same time.. Gold charms, diamond details and long chains that can be transitioned in to shorter chokers all make my day.   This year starting with the holidays I plan on building on my collection with charms and jewelry that will last a lifetime.  The Ippolita Charm collection is the perfect way to start.

I remember as a kid....
....my grandma would always wear bracelets, belts and necklaces that would start with two or three charms and as the years when on she would buy a new charm or two every year to complete her collection..  Charms are such a great way to express yourself..  Your individuality...  Your path through life.

For this beautiful Ippolita Charm Necklace I wanted to start with three symbols that were so significant in my life this past year..

The Feather for movement and travel.
The Branch for it's potential for growth.
The Female Figure because I have never felt more feminine. 

I can't wait to build this beautiful necklace over the years..

Happy Holidays!
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  2. Love this kind of jewelry! And feather are my favourite symbol. Great post!


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