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How to Create a Bold and Pretty Make Up Look..

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Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by makeup.   It's power to transform a face with just the simplest bits..  
Make up for me has always been a part of making my days joyful.   I can wake up feeling and looking like crap and with the swipe of a brush, a dab of highlighter and some great foundation and within minutes I am feeling like a new person.  Don't get me wrong.. I think the natural is good... but I have to say.. Make up is great!
...And in 2017 I plan on diving into the world of video..  But for now.. in the good old fashioned way I am sharing the products that I used to create this look.. Through photo's and words..

So shall we start..

This Foundation is buildable and had Hyaluronic Acid to help keep your skin hydrated all day.. It goes on smooth. 

I adore this little metallic pot that comes complete with it's own liquid primer.  Buildable and beautiful..  For this look I with my finger added two light layers of product to create a subtle yet striking highlight.
Dabbed a little of the beautiful dark nude color (second row, third down) under the Stila Metalic shade.

This cheek palette is perfection.. Striking and bold.. I am a crazy girl for cheeks.. and never pass up the opportunity to wear juts a touch too much blush.  For this look I dabbed a bit if Exhibit A (the bright orange reddish color) and layered Takeover to tone it down a bit all with the Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

A beautiful bold full creamy red..

Are there any beauty looks you are desperately wanting to try?  Let me know..

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  1. I love this look!
    Also I adore your shirt xo


  2. I'm more of a natural makeup look type of person, but can you try doing a bold eyeshadow look. Or maybe your top looks since its award season. Plus always love you style can't wait to see what content you create using video! :)

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