Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Style New Trends into Your Wardrobe..

 The Look
Sweater: Vince (Similar)
Sunglasses: Rayban
Belt: Gucci
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Fridays are for casual clothes..

This is the time of year when older trends start falling back and new ones emerge.  When this happens,  which can be daunting considering that most of us do not have the bank account to buy a whole new wardrobe every time the trends change.. I say just build in.

Adding little bits of the new trends I love to the looks I always wear..  This look is a perfect example..

I find myself moving away from super cropped jeans lately.. but this pair has my heart.  So I wear them anyway..    Add a cool belt..  A belt will up date your look instantly..  This one is Gucci..

I am also loving the new trend of big earrings.. I feel like opulence may be making a comeback.. I'm not mad..  Don't get me wrong.. dainty is good.. but a big piece of jewelry will  elevate a look.. Especially a simple one.. 

Oh and the hat... It's been a while since I've worn a hat.. I used to wear them all the time..  I think I am getting back to them..   There is nothing like a good hat on a bad hair day.. 

 I hope you guy had a great week... Kisses!

Happy Casual Friday...

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  1. Your style is amazing, love it!


  2. uuuuuh, super cool shoes

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