Monday, February 20, 2017

Shut Up and Make It Happen.. Spring is in the Air..

Wildfox tee shir, wildfox couture, lavish Alice coat, Zara sequins skirt, furry slides, furry sandals, Jeffery campbel sandals
 The Look
Skirt: Zara (similar on ASOS)

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"Our lives are not shaped by our conditions, but by our decisions."
 -Tony Robbins

This day was one of those many days in 2017 that have taught me or should I say reminded me of a valuable lesson.  When met with a road block and only minutes to get it done.. shut up and make it happen!

Here is the short version.
I met up with my photographer with plans to shoot on a rooftop just as the light and sun were going down.  The idea was perfect.   My look all set to be full of magic in the beautiful space.  Imagine it.  Twilight, trees, the setting sun and beauty abound and just as we fired the first shot, we were told that we could not shoot there..  AHHHHHH!

I would say for about 30 seconds there was protest.. then panic.. then reality.   Here is how the conversation in my head went...

"Okay we can't shoot here.. We need to shoot.. So get your little buns somewhere else pronto and make it work"

And make it work we did.   We had about 10 minutes of light left.. maybe less.  It may have changed the tone.. but sometimes you have get shaken a bit..

So with that said.. Spring is a comin.. and I personally can't wait.. 

 Shake up spring 
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  1. Even if I don't have stuff with sequins...I love them

  2. Awww what a shame!! Never mind, like you said you have to get over it pronto and move on. Pics came out lovely either way! ����♥️

  3. And you did it!! I have to learn this more deeply, I guess. Sometines I have that attitude and I solve the problems. But I can't lie, there are other times that I give up very quickly. You did really a good job with the shooting, and this outfit is so stylish and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

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