Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why Coffee and Vitamins Just Don't Mix

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We all know I love my lattes..  Hot, iced and pretty much in any form you can think of..   They for me are such a vital treat to my days and if you follow me on Instagram you know that coffee and I are like total besties.   You also know as of lately I have tried to cut my coffee intake by half by having coffee every other day..

...But that's not why I am writing this post..  This post is about coffee, it's relationship to our bodies and our daily intake of vitamins.

Allow for a little back story..

In the mornings as I sift through my Instagram feed, I  come across more than a few posts from people posting about how they add vitamins to their coffee to make it more healthy..

The problem is.. coffee and vitamins just don't mix..

Coffee actually prevents your body from absorbing a huge percent of the vitamins in your system if those vitamins are taken within an hour of ingesting your coffee.. and when so many of us pay so much money for those vitamins.. it's a shame to throw that money down the tubes..
So I thought I would take a moment to share..

I generally take my vitamins at night or really early in the morning way before I have coffee, knowing that I want my vitamins to do their jobs to the fullest.

How about  a breakdown of the whats what of vitamin absorption and coffee..

There are essential Vitamins that your body is not even getting if you take them near the time you drink coffee or even worst add them to your coffee..

So which vitamins should you avoid taking within an hour of your morning coffee and why..?

Caffeine inhibits calcium from absorbing into your system..  It also depletes your system of the calcium you already have in your body..  So if you are a person who drinks coffee everyday.. be sure to replenish your body with calcium at night before you go to bed.. Calcium is vital to your bone health and studies have shown that depleted calcium leads to week bone with age.. especially in women

Vitamin D:
Caffeine inhibits the absorption of the Vitamin D that you take. This is also tied to your Calcium because Vitamin D is vital to the absorption of Calcium.

B Vitamins:
There is a good that comes with the bad when it comes to caffeine and your B Vitamins.
The diuretic effect of caffeine forces your body to eliminate most B vitamins, that's BAD.  Yet at the same time caffeine increases stomach acid, which helps your body absorb Vitamin B 12.  Your B Vitamins are essential to so much including energy, mood elevation and vision.

Caffeine actually prevents your body from absorbing almost 80% of Iron.. so it is vital that you take Iron long before or after your morning cup of joe..  Iron is essential to Red Blood Cell production and we all need those.

Vitamin C
Caffeine actually prevents the total absorption of vitamin C when taken with coffee and eliminates what Vitamin C may already be in the body.   Similar to what it does with your B vitamins.  Vitamin C is Vital to your immune health and also helps keep your skin looking beautiful.

Now don't get me wrong.. I write this not to tell you not to drink coffee.. because lord knows I am not stopping.  Try cutting back and not drinking more than one cup a day.  If you can limit your intake to 3 or 4 cups a week that would be amazing.. not t mention you would most likely feel really great.  I substitute my non coffee days with Green tea w/ honey  or a Matcha Latte.   While they still have caffeine.. it does not have as much and green tea has healthy antioxidant benefits..

I hope this post was helpful.. looking forward to your thoughts.

Happy Sunday!!
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