Saturday, April 8, 2017

How to Wear a Mini Skirt for Summer..

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As a blogger we are always shooting and creating content.. Thus content piles up.. Lots of it!  So I thought I would take a little break from my vacation posts to bring you some content I shot about three weeks ago.  I have to say it is a rare day when I wear a mini skirt..
..But lately I find myself in more than a few mini skirts over the last few weeks.  Why not.. when the weather warms up, show off those assets.

I like the idea of proportion.  Lots on top.. little on bottom and vice versa.   Especially when then sun comes out.  I like the idea of a little sexy in every look..

I also have been playing with big hoops in my ears.  Actually big earrings in general.   With all my piercings it's vital that the right earrings are worn.  Something to off set the chaos of all the piercings..  Thin hoops.. Architectural shapes..  and don't forget that mixing metals is A okay!

Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend..
Mini Skirts and Ruffle Tops...
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  1. Metallic on you is so gooooood!


  2. A great outfit!!!

  3. This outfit on you is so stunning~ This skirt and this beautiful top will make everyone look at me >.< Thank you for sharing!
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