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Travel Diary. Playa Del Carmen: Beach Drinks Eat Sleep Repeat

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I was asked recently to for recommendations for greats spots around a vacation I went on and my reply was..

"Girl I did not leave the resort"

Sometimes you go on vacation and you want to explore the local town and sometimes you go on vacation and you want to sit on the beach and never leave the resort.   My trip to the Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen was just that.. and I have to say I have absolutely no regrets..

So lets quickly talk about the basics.  Getting there.   A flight to Cancun (from where ever you are). East Coasters you have it a bit easier than us folks on the west coast.   East coast, a couple hours.. West Coast prepare yourself for a really long direct flight or a long flight to Orlando and then another flight to Cancun.  But that's hear nor there.  You gotta get there right!  Once you land you will need a car to Playa Del Carmen for the hour long drive to your hotel.      

I say take this time to prepare yourself for the amazing, relaxing, trip ahead of you complete with the yummiest of food, drinks, incredible spa treatments and if you decide to stay in one of the Grand club level rooms (highly recommended) daily continental breakfast that will blow your mind.. Complete with lattes and yep Almond Milk!  Yay!

Now I could make this one of those super long reviews of the Grand Hyatt.. After all as stated earlier.. I never left the resort.   That's because I absolutely never felt the need to.  So allow me to give you a clear concise layout of my amazing trip and let the photos do the rest of the talking.. more my style...

Where I stayed:  Grand Hyatt Playa Del Carmen    
I absolutely loved everything about this resort..  I felt right at home and welcome in every way.  The staff (except for one hiccup which was partly my fault) was incredible.

The Type of room I stayed in: Grand Club Ocean View 
My room was perfect in every way.   I actually loved that it had two beds.  It was huge, and inviting.  I wanted to spend as much time in my room as out.  The ocean view was lovely..  although my view was partial.. but with that I had a great view of the property as well.. best of both worlds..
Favorite Restaurant: la Cocina
Besides breakfast everyday at the Grand Club Lounge. I ate most of my daily meals at La Cocina.  The food was perfection.. fresh and delicious.  Even when on the beach this is where I would order from.  My daily staples were the ceviche and the guac and chips.. along with a Salted Margarita of course..

The Spa: The Cenote Spa
My two experiences at the spa were magical starting with a yoga class around the beautiful Cenote that is housed in the spa.  Then my therapeutic massage which I have to say is one of the best massages I have ever experienced in my life.  My therapist (who name I unfortunately can't remember) is an actually physical therapist and provided my massage accordingly.  He immediately was able to assess my back and neck problems and proceeded to really help me.  If you book an appointment for a massage ask for the guy who is a physical therapist.. they will know who you are talking about.

The Beach:  
The beach was incredible.   We got out there around mid day everyday and there was always lounge chairs and umbrella available.  Ordering drinks and food was a cinch and you can just charge it right to your room.  The beauty of resort life is that there is no need to carry your wallet.

I have to say that this trip was made even better by my travel bud Ashley..  If you are going to travel somewhere make sure you are in great, easy going company that you can laugh and be completely silly with.  Remember you are in vacation..  So all schedules go out the door.  Just go with the flow and let the day take you where it will..

 Beach.  Drinks.  Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat!!!
I'll say it again

Beach. Drinks. Eat. Sleep

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