Thursday, May 4, 2017

Golden in Maui...

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 The Look
Dress: Haute Hippie
Shoes: By Far
Sunglasses: Dita
Earrings: Coup
Photos: Angie Silvy
     Instagram: @TayeHansberry
   Twitter:   @TayeHansberry


Summer Prints..  I am so into unexpected prints on classic silhouettes for summer..   This  one is  a bit hard to photograph.. but allow me to give you a narrative on top of the visual..

This dress is s golden/silver metallic threaded bunch of yumminess.  Okay now that we know that part.   This was a super easy vacation look for me in Maui.

I actually got dressed in about 15 minutes with this one and was off to a yummy dinner at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua.

If you have not noticed,  the beach is one of my favorite places to be.  I know I'm from  LA and there are beaches everywhere,  but I have not been getting to the beach while home.   So when I go away I literally want to just live on the sand.   Hence all the vacation sand frolicking on the beach pics..

Where is your favorite place to be when summer hits?
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